Who We Are

About us

An artist’s atelier is his or her workshop. The studio. The inner sanctum where creativity happens. A private place where imagination runs free. Where inspiration drives experimentation, inventiveness, fantasy. One can only imagine what kind of spontaneous excitement and energy occurs between the artist and the brush and the canvas. Between the artist and a piece of clay or stone or marble. For most of us, we can only see the art as a finished product. We are not witness to the process. But fortunately, this is not true of every atelier. There is one where the public is very welcome to take a look. And not only to take a look. But to be a part of art in the moment. A very personal kind of art. Art that is making hundreds of people every week be as beautiful and chic as any studio around. That particular atelier? Paulo’s Atelier Hair Salon.

Our Vision

Located in the very fashionable New York suburb of Mount Kisco in Westchester County, Paulo Gregorio and his expertly trained staff of stylists, colorists, and makeup artists are at work on their canvases all week long. And what’s really sexy and thrilling is that the canvas is you. How does it feel to be a work of art? To be looked at and admired and maybe even a little envied? To turn a few heads every now and then? Feels good, one would think. Feels like something you deserve, one can imagine. And that’s exactly what everyone at Paulo’s is about. Making you be the picture of perfection. Voila, as the French say!